Extrovert Me

Advocating my introvertness.

I am not an Extrovert basically. I am an Introvert. But you will find me on Facebook, Twitter, Orkoot. I have two Blogs and now I am looking forward to connect with you through my website. My networking is spread all over India and abroad on large scale. The reason behind this is there is a wide gap between ‘what we like to do and what we do’.

Many a times we do not get chance to do what we can do the best. Even when it comes to selecting an occupation of our choice we are seen doing things differently. Giving our best to whatever we undertake is the sign of a multi-faceted and a great thinker. I personally feel as a writer, thinker I have given my best and the social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, World Press, Blogs and now my website. All these things do not ring a bell with my personality as they all make me an extrovert. To look at it from professional point of view I take it positively as it enriches me completely. I am a recluse by nature, a loner.