Books & Musings

Write your mind, the world will adjust!

I would like to speak about my books here. ‘Ideas are Dangerous’, ‘Manjiri’-Collection of poems and seven books which are in queue waiting to be published of which three are English. My books have been bestowed with State Award followed by Rashtra Gaurav Award. My love for writing emerged out of my passion for reading.

We need to express what is intuitional and with an analytical bend of mind. A combination of putting these skills together is something that I possess. It could be wrong but this is my opinion. Thus are my books popular. To speak about the poems I have composed; the idea of publishing them had not touched my mind. But when Padekar sir agreed to do the illustrations for ‘Manjiri’ I was ecstatic.

I selected 40 poems out of two thousand and the book came about. My experiences I have shared with my readers through my writings. Hence you must have noticed there is no foreword in my book. I am of the thought that book should be self-explanatory.