Polytical Analyst

My book ‘Ideas are Dangerous’ has an article titled ‘Ideas are dangerous’. I have mentioned, an idea or a notion where young is rebellious. At the time of its birth, it is dangerous, assuming profound complexity thus achieving philosophical stature. I can state a garish example here, that of Communism.

Personally, I look at it from different perspective. Islam, is also a political ideology. Islam and Communism share some amusing coincidences; both are dogmatic, aggressive and boast of solidarity to their cause. Islam wants to make the world pan Islamic and Communists gave the call for ‘The World’. Islam denied idol worship which Communists did too. When political philosophy, as a perception is born, it is young and new and gives an impression of human freedom, which is material.

It is not of spiritual nature, be it Islam, Jain, Communism or capitalism. Ironically, the Jain community to bring its people together formulated Jain International Trade Organization (JITO). Can this be called spiritual? How can a Trade organization be spiritual? It is acquisitive. Mohammed, when propagated Islam religion, opposed taking interest on loan. This is materialism. Many rules of Islam state, the dos and don’ts of worldly ways. Hindu is not a religion. The sects, follow certain rules and these rules state how we should survive, in this materialistic world. Hence, political exhibition tells people, how to conduct oneself in this material world. This mindset was present in humans at the very beginning, during evolution.

It then, had a religious flavor. The reason being, if you follow a commercial in which it is said “use our soap and you will look beautiful”, they refrain from telling us, the other side of the truth which is, “if you do not use our soap, you will look unattractive”. Our religion teaches us, if you do so and so, you will go to heaven and if you do so and so, you will go to hell’. But all your actions are performed here on earth.

It means, any political thought is, materialistic. After the rise of Communism, religious and political thought process was considered different. Not that it was never there, but it was looked at, from a different perspective. It has another dimension to it. Many scientists, like Galileo, Darwin, and Copernicus gave us a sugar coated version of materialism, as it was against religious principles.

The question, that troubles me is, if religion was purely based on spirituality than why be aggressive towards materialistic values? Then materialism, will attain materialistic value and religion will have spiritual base. Hence, all over the world, political philosophy is propagated under the garb of religious philosophy. I have stated before, organization is the need of mankind and every individual, forms an organization, as per his need. He is even ready to lay down his life for it. There could be many reasons for it, such as they hope to find place in heaven or be successful or face failure. Behind it lies fear and greed. From this thought, either political philosophy is born or it comes to an end. Some religion propagates ‘Jihad’ for enrichment of soul. But while doing, so it attains a political character, as it is related to political line of thought and worldly ways. ‘Jihad’ as a way of life does not alone belong to Muslims. Every religion disseminates Jihad, by practicing dogmatic principles.

Communists too embraced it. Hence, political thought process, is by itself evolution of religious principles in mankind. Forming an organization, is a matter of convenience, for an individual to evade the fear of freedom and make way for worldly things or If while doing, so one faced failure then to convince oneself, there is heaven beyond earth and we can enjoy all the material things, such as beauty of Apsara, Menaka enjoy somras and other pleasures. Another thought crosses my mind is, why not partake of these pleasures, here on earth?

Here, all these pleasures are tagged as a sin but if you are virtuous, you will be considered worthy enough, to enjoy them in heaven. Now, this thought cannot be religious but political. Hence, according to me political philosophy, keeps evolving. When man stepped out of cave, he created religion. Since that day, political thought germinated. It still exists, spreading political notions with religious glaze and maintaining religious thought within. They create communities, which do not last forever, as every relationship comes with an expiry date. Like Prabhakaran’s LTTE, which was destroyed. Long before that, NAZI party was wiped out. Hitler committed suicide, when he was faced with failure. We consider the political idea had died with them. It is not so, as there are many people who still admire that particular political thought. People take it ahead with them.

The thought, never dies because fear in human never dies. He needs a community to live in. His need, to live in group is very much there, just like the old times, when humans inhabited the caves. Science and Technology, has given it a new dimension. It’s all together a different topic. From time to time, political thought and religious philosophical principles, battled the brunt of people’s ire that followed this line of thought. Truth prevailed, Science and Technology emerged victorious. Even Islam, had to keep aside their dogmatic principles and accept theory of interest. Communists, had to bow down to open market policy in China. As this world is filled with manifold conflictive values, it is in their best interest to accept them. Here, political thought process is marginalized. A person moves, from groups to individualism. He turns subjective.

The idea scares him and he once again moves towards an organization. Again, he formulates political philosophy. Very soon he realizes, the triviality of it all. He comes face to face with loneliness, it saddens him and destroys him within but he rises, against all odds. Thus, the vicious cycle continues. There is no guarantee, it will stop. Till mankind exists, political thought will continue to influence our life, fade away at times, only to appear more strongly, in new form. Here, we have to take in to consideration two things, understanding of historical perspective and its analysis. Dismemberment of analysis, is similar to post-mortem. A doctor, surgeon applies his skill, knowledge on a dead body. He takes apart the dead body, piece by piece and learns to analyze it. A surgeon operates on a person and helps him live. He has honed his skills, by evaluating a dead body.

The same technique, applies for Political analysis. To gauge the future, of consistently changing political relationships, situations, studying political policies and its manifestations, having the ability to predict accurately the political scenario, in near future and having a deep understanding of history or we can say historical graph and one who does not stray in historical romanticism and can look at a certain situation objectively, cruelly can predict the future political analysis. I, personally am of this opinion. At the age of 18-19, as I reached a certain maturity level, I have been working towards the above theory. Whether I am successful or not is to be decided by the readers and my viewers, who followed by television shows. I have no say in this matter. Otherwise, when I exit this world, it will come out more pronounced. It might even take a 100 years, after I pass away. The more years I put in between, the more its credibility or its falseness will be highlighted before the world. The temptation, that it should all come true, is unavoidable. This is to be considered, my honest opinion