Someone suppressing something somewhere is a news

As a journalist my lone inspiration is Vijay Dhondupant Tendulkar. He enlightened me on every aspect of journalism. Another inspiration is journalist Vinu Randive. An extrovert journalist Jagan Phadanis whose fearless attitude impresses me I consider one of my favorite. I consider myself very fortunate that I was blessed with guru like Vijay Tendulkar.

I was able to read the works of Vinu Randive and Jagan Pandit in my era. It was Vijay Tendulkar who gave me an insight in to what I was reading and how it will affect my thinking and the situation around us. I belie the thought ‘Inspiration comes from within.’ What comes from within is innate and existent which is my writings and it’s in harmony with time. I assure you pick up any page that I have written till date and you will find it in sync with today.