Those people whom I know better but those are not my friends.

People around me are under the impression that I have no enemies. It is wrong. I work in diverse fields, interact with many people and henceforth would keep coming across more and more people. I won’t be able to name a particular person as my enemy but I can definitely tell you the traits.

A person with inferiority complex always considers an endowed person as his enemy and starts hating him. Such type of people holds a grudge against me. They could be high ranking people on top position or at lower level and could belong to any organization not necessarily restricted to media.

They are all my enemies. I have a strong sense of intuition through which I can identify my enemy and tackle him diplomatically. This is inborn passed to me by my mother. Hence my enemies need to be wary of me and I in turn should be careful. What if I fall asleep? Nothing scares me. This is my inner-inspiration and there is no scope to be anxious over the thought of my enemies.