Actually who wants to write novels but intelligent enough to write.

I cannot compartmentalize my writings. As a columnist I don’t a stretch subject more then it exceeds its capacity. Some subjects are meant for 500 or 1000 or 2000 purpose. As a writer one should not stretch it to the extent of book.

This process of non-stretching is called a column. Column is like a poem. When poet composes he writes a very few words in comparison to a novelist. But in these few words he takes you deep in to the subject. When reader reads column he or she should not feel that this is a complete thing.

Column is an open window of a running train. One can see the scenery, beauty, ugliness outside. But there is a limitation to jump out. Novel or a book always gives you freedom to jump out and see the scenery, beauty and ugliness outside. This is the difference between column and a book. Poem is all together different compartment and I don’t want to write about this particular area.