Power sharing between two people across the table....

The technique I follow while interviewing people is spontaneous hence it comes out beautifully and has a lively feeling to it. The reason why it’s natural is there is no class distinction. Everybody is treated as equal. For me every person is important. His contribution is more important than his stature in society. This is one part.

There are many interviews which have become popular in ‘Sanvad’ that a few I would mention here are those of Girish Karnad, Vijay Tendulkar, a rickshaw driver named Fattubhai who helped accident victims by admitting them to hospital unwarranted of time.

These interviews are memorable. It disappoints me to great extent that I was unable to interview Ramakant Achrekar due to his failing health and indistinct speech.

We shot this interview with Prakash Amte in middle of picturesque flowing river where Nag and Triveni rivers meet. Interview with Abhay and Rani Bang, Mandakini Amte, Ashish Saptwadikar are my favourites.

My interviews have crossed the six thousand mark.

For Sanvad alone I have interviewed 4500 people. What more should I say? Let people decide for themselves. The image is engraved on people’s mind like a Tamra Patra hence it would be uncalled-for to speak much here.