About which you always repent

Among the awards, I was bestowed with are; Maharashtra Times Sanman (MATA), Indradhanush Jeevanvyonmesh Award, RAPA award for excellence in radio and television advertising association for Sanvad, Maharashtra Government award for excellence for ‘Ideas are Dangerous’.

Till date, I have more than 300 awards to my credit. But a writer and an orator, should always work towards solving people’s problems. Though he uses his perception, he is doing it for his own satisfaction, innate happiness. Hence, awards are not that important for me.

I would like to get a Nobel and I am confident, I will get it one day. Beyond this, I would not like to comment on awards, for every object has a place of its own while I carry the burden, is my notion of self as a writer, when I get an award. I have not said this before but today I express my opinion, through my website.